Khipu Symposium – August 12th, 2023

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Khipu Symposium – August 12th, 2023 Speakers and Topics One hundred years ago Leland Locke published The Ancient Quipu or Peruvian Knot Record, a seminal work in the study of the khipu, the communications system of colored and knotted cords utilized by the peoples of the Andes in lieu of a script-based writing system.  In celebration of this centennial, the … Read More

Time, Space and History on the Aztec Sun Stone – Livestream August 18

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Time, Space and History on the Aztec Sun Stone Boundary End Center sponsored a livestream lecture by Dr. David Stuart. It is on YouTube here: Stuart offers a new vision of the monument that goes beyond the well-established solar interpretations, placing it in a specific historical and physical context. The Aztec Sun Stone or “Calendar Stone” is an iconic … Read More

NEW! Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing

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In 1984 George Stuart began a series of short publications focused on the decipherment of Maya hieroglyphs. These reports reflecting the burgeoning progress in “cracking the code” during those years. They were typically short contributions, designed to fill a need outside the normal scope of archaeology journals such as American Antiquity (more specialized peer-review journals such as Ancient Meosamerica or … Read More

New, Flexible Residencies at Boundary End

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Boundary End offers short-term opportunities for scholars, artists and other creative individuals to reside and work at Boundary End. These usually involve topics related to its core mission in the study of the ancient Americas, and allow access to the library and workspaces of the center. There are two types of residencies. Boundary End Residencies range from a few days … Read More

BEARC Receives an American Rescue Plan Humanities Grant for 2021-22

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We are excited to announce that Boundary End Archaeology Research Center was awarded an American Rescue Plan Humanities Grant from North Carolina Humanities, a statewide nonprofit and state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities in September 2021. We are grateful to be among the organizations selected to receive this grant funding designed to help nonprofit organizations sustain their operations and public … Read More

Ricardo Basurto and Hannah Abrahamson named George Stuart Residential Scholars

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ricardo T. Basurto and Hannah R. Abrahamson as George Stuart Residential Scholars for the whole academic year, 2021-2022. Ricardo and Hannah will follow the prolific contributions of Nelda Issa Marengo Camacho and Ashuni Emmanuel Romero Butrón, the outgoing GSRS scholars. Beyond advancing their research projects, Ricardo and Hannah will dedicate time to … Read More

How Writing Came to Northern Yucatan

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How the Yukatecan language and its written form may have derived from an early Ch’olan script was the subject of June’s Boundary End Archaeology Research Center virtual lecture.  It was presented by Tulane’s noted epigrapher and Associate Professor, Dr. Marc Zender. *Please see Abstract and Biography below.)  The YouTube link is You can also see this and many other video … Read More

2021-2022 George Stuart Residential Scholar – Call for Applications

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The Boundary End Archaeology Research Center (BEARC) is seeking candidates to become the 2021-22 George Stuart Residential Scholar(s) (GSRS) for the academic year. Candidates may apply for either one or two semester-long residencies, but two semester-long residencies are preferred. The Fall residency spans September 1-December 30. The Spring residency spans January 1-May 30. BEARC is a research center and residential … Read More