Ricardo Basurto and Hannah Abrahamson named George Stuart Residential Scholars

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ricardo T. Basurto and Hannah R. Abrahamson as George Stuart Residential Scholars for the whole academic year, 2021-2022. Ricardo and Hannah will follow the prolific contributions of Nelda Issa Marengo Camacho and Ashuni Emmanuel Romero Butrón, the outgoing GSRS scholars. Beyond advancing their research projects, Ricardo and Hannah will dedicate time to … Read More

How Writing Came to Northern Yucatan

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How the Yukatecan language and its written form may have derived from an early Ch’olan script was the subject of June’s Boundary End Archaeology Research Center virtual lecture.  It was presented by Tulane’s noted epigrapher and Associate Professor, Dr. Marc Zender. *Please see Abstract and Biography below.)  The YouTube link is https://youtu.be/R5XuYnoGa3Q You can also see this and many other video … Read More