There’s a link to a recording of the event on our YouTube Channel.

We would also appreciate your support for our George Stuart Residential Scholars and to help BEARC continue as a top research center for the Ancient Americas

Virtual Lecture by Dr. Richard Diehl

Here’s the YouTube Link for July 15, 2020 Dr. Richard “Dick” Diehl will continue honoring the public archaeology mission of Dr. George Stuart by presenting the next Boundary End Virtual Lecture on July 15, 2020, at 6pm Eastern Time. The lecture, entitled La Mojarra, Veracruz: Stones, Scripts, and Failed Dreams of Glory, will be presented on YouTube Live, and include

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Dr. Richard Diehl is our inaugural Director of Operations

Dr. Richard Diehl is the inaugural Director of Operations of BEARC The Boundary End Archaeology Research Center (BEARC) is proud to announce that Dr. Richard “Dick” Diehl has accepted the role of Director of Operations for the period of February 2020 – 2022. Dr. Diehl is from Pennsylvania, where he completed all of his schooling, obtaining his B.Sc., M.Sc., and

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After the Entrada – a free, live stream lecture by Dr. David Stuart May 27

After the Entrada: The Memory of Teotihuacan among the Late Classic Maya You can watch a replay here: Dr. David Stuart presented a free live-streamed lecture on YouTube, May 27. The “Entrada” of 378 CE stands as one of the major events of ancient Mesoamerican history, when a new political order was established at the central Maya capital of Tikal by

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